Tax Reform Will Modify Employee Benefits Landscape

Legislation Would Suspend ACA Individual and Employer Mandates

White House Directs Departments to Consider New ACA Rules; Stops Cost Sharing Subsidies

ACA Repeal and Replace Redux?

Lawmakers Consider Health Care Landscape and Joint Employer Standards

Bipartisan Focus on Health Care Reform

Senate Democrats Outline Their Vision for the Future

Changes on the Horizon as NLRB Moves Closer to a Republican Majority

Renewed Focus on Access to Workplace Retirement Savings Programs; PBGC Premiums

Dealing with Failed Attempts to Repeal ACA

Senate GOP Fails to Advance Health Care Reform

Congress Examines ACA Repeal and Fiduciary Rule

Senate Focuses on Health Care Reform; House Committee Considers DOL Fiduciary Rule

Discord Impedes GOP Health Care Reform Efforts

Senate Health Care Reform Bill – Out from the Shadows

Labor Rules Considered Despite Challenges and Disruptions for Advancing Trump Agenda

Fate of the Fiduciary Rule in Doubt; Update on Health Care Reform and CSRs

Focus on Wages, Unions and Gig Workers in Wake of Health Care Reform

Mystery Over: President Proposes Budget and CBO Scores AHCA

Health Care Reform Held Up; Actions by Trump and Lawmakers Might Affect Retirement Landscape

Retirement and Compensation Legislation in Focus; Senators Mull Next Steps for Health Care Reform

House Passes AHCA; Funding Secured for Gov’t and Coal Miners’ Health Benefits; News on DOL Rules

Government Funding in Focus; Health Care and Retirement Reform in the Wings

Potential Government Shutdown Looms Large; Joint Employer Issues Re-emerge

Trump Nixes DOL Rule; ACA Subsidies Threaten Gov’t Shutdown; Lifetime Income Disclosure and Student Debt in Focus

Wages and Pension Testing Rules Share Spotlight with Health Care Reform and Senate Confirmations

GOP Erodes Obama Legacy while Considering Next Steps for Health Care Reform

Lack of GOP Unity Derails ACA Repeal Efforts

Health Care Reform Chugs Along; Bills Aim to Enhance Workers’ Leave Rights; Trump Proposal Spotlights Mental Health

ACA Reform Efforts Accelerate; Multiemployer Pension and State-Run Savings Plans in Spotlight

Conduent on Capitol Hill; Trump Discusses ACA Repeal and Replace Principles

HSAs: Key Pillar in Post-ACA Landscape?

Timeline(s) for Health Care, Retirement and Tax Overhaul Taking Shape; Regulatory Activity Continues

Retirement and Pension Bills Emerge from Under ACA Shadow; Fiduciary Rule Fate Remains Uncertain

Health Care Reform, Fiduciary and Other Agency Rules Impacted by Trump’s Actions and Directives

Flurry of Activity, But No ACA or HR Changes Yet

Trump Sets Stage for ACA and Regulatory Reform; Senate Vets HHS Nominee

ACA and Trump Administration Dominate Conversation

New Congress Gears Up to Repeal ACA, Provide Relief for Retired Miners and Delay Fiduciary Rule

Peeking Around the Corner to 2017

Government Funding Secured with Support for Coal Miners; Comprehensive Health Care Bill Passed

Winding Down: Focus on Government Spending Bill and Leadership Positions

President Obama’s Legacy Hangs in the Balance

Spotlight on Government Funding and Future of ACA

Election Results: Impact on Lame-Duck Session and the Balance of Power

Election Day is Tomorrow: Finish Line in Sight

Wellness Program Rules: Challenged and Challenging

Peek into Post-Recess, Lame-Duck Session

Presidential Debate Propels Healthcare into Spotlight

Electronic Disclosure and Access to Savings Programs – New Bills Introduced to Address Not-So-New Issues

Lawmakers Leave DC Until Lame-Duck Session Begins

Lawmakers’ Year-End Sprint for Savings, Pension and Multiemployer Plan Changes

Gearing up for 2017: Funding Talks Front and Center While Other Legislative Activity Continues

Pressure to Avert Government Shutdown Intensifies as Lawmakers Address Looming Benefits Issues

Mental Health Parity Bills Launched into Spotlight with Clinton Proposal

Multiemployer Pension Plans: Solving the Anticipated Insolvency of PBGC Program, a Bipartisan Endeavor

2016 Save Our Social Security Act

Supervisor Status Revisited While Hill Remains Quiet

The 21st Century: Peer-to-Peer and Gig Economies

Democratic Party Nominates Hillary Clinton and Releases Platform; Direction of Healthcare Up In the Air

GOP Nominates Trump, Releases Platform; Focus on Wellness, OT and Pensions Before Summer Recess

PBGC Premium Bill Introduced in Senate; Rumors of Cadillac Tax Demise Greatly Exaggerated?

Spending Bills and Democratic Party Platform; Overtime Rule for PR; Health Bills Advance

Tax Reform Blueprint Released; FMLA, Retirement Savings, Persuader Rule and H-2B Program in Focus

House GOP Healthcare Plan Released in the Midst of a Flurry of Activity

House GOP Report Describes Vision for America; Appropriations Season in Full Bloom; Bills Advance

Congress in Full Swing; Extended Summer Recess on the Horizon

ACA: Recap of Congress’ Efforts to Revise and Repeal

Congress Looks Ahead to 2017

OT Rule, Tax Reform Proposals and Healthcare 2.0 – A Full Plate for Congress

Multiemployer Pension, Savings Programs, Overtime and ACA in Focus; Wellness Plan Rules Issued Today

Bipartisan Focus on Dependent Care FSAs, 529 Plans, and FMLA for Veterans; Republicans Mull ACA Future

Congress’ Playbook Includes Tackling DOL Rules and Encouraging Executive Action

Republicans Push Back on DOL Rules; Democrats Introduce Bills to Support Long-Term Unemployed

PBGC Premium Bill Introduced; Equal Pay Day Shines Spotlight on Wages; Hearing Focuses on Healthcare

Final Fiduciary Rule Attracts Praise and Criticism

Supreme Court Post-Scalia and EEO-1 Forms

NLRB and DOL Rules and Standards Scrutinized, with a Bit of Focus on ACA

Grab a Front Row Seat – Controversial Workplace Topics and Reaction to SCOTUS Nominee

Mental Health Legislation a Senate Priority

Changes for Multiemployer Plans Considered Although Focus Is on Elections and Supreme Court Vacancy

Senate Judiciary Committee and the Supreme Court Vacancy Following Justice Scalia’s Death

Focus on Supreme Court Vacancy, Overtime and NLRB Jurisdiction

President Obama Releases FY 2017 Budget Proposal

Mental Health Parity, HSAs and Gig Economy Share Limelight with Caddy Tax, ACA and Fiduciary Rules

Access to Retirement Savings Plans – In Focus for President Obama and Senate Finance Committee

Beyond 2016, Congress Considers Future of ACA

State of the Union Sets Tone for 2016

ACA on Hot Seat as Congress Faces Year with Long Recesses and Focus on Elections

Year-End Legislation Delays Cadillac Tax; Restores Transit Parity; Impacts Tax Credits, W-2s and Church Plans

By |Dec 21, 2015|Legislate, US|

Short-Term Deal Averts Shutdown; Tax Extenders Legislation Includes Transit Parity; DOL’s Proposed OT Rule under Scrutiny

By |Dec 14, 2015|Legislate, US|

Revised Form 5500 Extension Deadline Repealed; Congress Considers Church Plans, Fiduciary Advice, and Biking To Work

By |Dec 7, 2015|Legislate, US|

Little Time Left to Pass Legislation Between November and December Recesses

By |Nov 30, 2015|Legislate, US|

DOL and NLRB Authority Challenged by Congress; Efforts to Repeal Cadillac Tax Continue

By |Nov 23, 2015|Legislate, US|

Congress, GAO, CBO and GPO: Employer’s Guide to the Legislative Branch

By |Nov 16, 2015|Legislate, US|

Collapse of Health Care CO-OPs Examined; Appropriations and Funding Front and Center

By |Nov 9, 2015|Legislate, US|

Budget Act Impacts Pension and Health Care Plans; Further Advances for Fiduciary and Joint Employer Standards

By |Nov 2, 2015|Legislate, US|

House Speaker Election, Debt Ceiling, Employee Benefits and Halloween

By |Oct 26, 2015|Legislate, US|

Congress Recesses, Leaving House Without a New Speaker

By |Oct 19, 2015|Legislate, US|

Congress Deals with Pension, Multiemployer and Healthcare Plans Despite Chaos and Challenges

By |Oct 12, 2015|Legislate, US|

Congress Sprints to the Finish Line

By |Oct 5, 2015|Legislate, US|

Government Shutdown Looming — Potential Impact for Employers with (and without) Federal Contracts

By |Sep 28, 2015|Legislate, US|

Health Care, Pension, Workers’ Rights Issues Brewing — Yet, Government Funding Takes Center Stage

By |Sep 21, 2015|Legislate, US|

Goodbye Summer Recess; Fall Fun Begins as Congress Returns and Faces Funding Challenges

By |Sep 14, 2015|Legislate, US|

Review of King Proposals; Public Safety Officer Death Benefits; NLRB, Grievance Fees and Right-to-Work

By |Jun 5, 2015|Legislate, US|

Senate Passes HCTC Revival; Highway Trust Fund Replenishment on Horizon; EEOC and NLRB Face Questions

By |May 29, 2015|Legislate, US|

Retirement Legislation Passes House; Senate Begins Debate on HCTC Revival

By |May 15, 2015|Legislate, US|

Congress Passes Budget Resolution; Senate Tables NLRB’s New Election Rule Vote; Increase in Federal Minimum Wage Proposed

By |May 8, 2015|Legislate, US|

Panel Examines New Multiemployer Plan Designs; Cadillac Tax Repeal Bill Introduced

By |Apr 30, 2015|Legislate, US|

Spotlight on Senator Rubio’s Tax Reform Plan; Panels Approve HCTC Revival and SAVE UP Unveiled

By |Apr 24, 2015|Legislate, US|

Healthcare Focus of Returning Congress; Legislative Fixes to NLRB Election Rule Proposed

By |Apr 17, 2015|Legislate, US|

Review of Healthcare Legislation and ACA Report Card

By |Apr 10, 2015|Legislate, US|

Resolution Disapproving NLRB’s New Election Rules Vetoed; Retirement Bill Recap

By |Apr 2, 2015|Legislate, US|

Buck Consultants on Capitol Hill; House and Senate Pass Budget Resolutions

By |Mar 27, 2015|Legislate, US|

    NLRB “Quickie Election” Rules Disapproved by Congress; Committees Release FY 2016 Budget Proposals

By |Mar 20, 2015|Legislate, US|

ACA Costs Revised Downward; Senate Panel Focuses on Tax Simplification

By |Mar 13, 2015|Legislate, US|

King Response Outlined, Wellness Legislation Introduced, and Resolution Blocking Union Election Rules Advances

By |Mar 6, 2015|Legislate, US|

SSDI Solvency and Pension De-Risking in the Spotlight

By |Feb 27, 2015|Legislate, US|

Labor, Employment, and Fringe Benefits in the Spotlight

By |Feb 20, 2015|Legislate, US|

ACA Replacement Plan Released; NLRB Rules Targeted for Congressional Disapproval

By |Feb 13, 2015|Legislate, US|

President Unveils FY 2016 Budget; House Votes to Repeal ACA

By |Feb 6, 2015|Legislate, US|

Congressional Spotlight on EEOC and Wellness Programs; Key Budget Report Released

By |Jan 30, 2015|Legislate, US|

State of the Union Includes Employment-Related Proposals

By |Jan 23, 2015|Legislate, US|

2015 Congressional Forecast

By |Jan 16, 2015|Legislate, US|

Congress Takes Up ACA Legislation Its First Week Back

By |Jan 9, 2015|Legislate, US|

Tax Extenders Legislation Passed by Senate; Government Funding Bill Signed into Law

By |Dec 18, 2014|Legislate, US|

Government Funding Bill Includes Benefits and Employment Law Changes

By |Dec 12, 2014|Legislate, US|

House Passes Benefits and Employment Tax Legislation

By |Dec 5, 2014|Legislate, US|

Senate Procedural Rules Key to Next Year’s ACA Legislation

By |Nov 25, 2014|Legislate, US|

PBGC Deficits Renew Calls for Reform; Labor and Employment Bills May Re-emerge in the Next Congress

By |Nov 21, 2014|Legislate, US|

Spotlight on Senator Hatch’s Retirement Reform Proposal

By |Nov 14, 2014|Legislate, US|

Republicans Gain Senate Majority; Lame Duck Session Ahead

By |Nov 7, 2014|Legislate, US|

Mid-term Elections Preview

By |Oct 31, 2014|Legislate, US|

Senate Chairmen Call for Pension De-Risking Guidance

By |Oct 24, 2014|Legislate, US|

Overview of Congressional Committees

By |Oct 17, 2014|Legislate, US|

Apprenticeship Program Bills Introduced in Congress

By |Oct 10, 2014|Legislate, US|

Uncertain Road Ahead for Multiemployer Plans

By |Oct 3, 2014|Legislate, US|

Employee Benefits Measures Introduced by Recessing Congress

By |Sep 26, 2014|Legislate, US|

Congress Passes Government Funding; Senate Approves ERISA Section 4062(e) Legislation

By |Sep 19, 2014|Legislate, US|

FY 2015 Funding Up Ahead; NLRB Policies Examined by Congressional Panel

By |Sep 12, 2014|Legislate, US|

With Congress Due Back Next Week, You’ll be Hearing These Terms

By |Sep 5, 2014|Legislate, US|

CBO Projects Growing Budget Deficits from Social Security and Federal Health Care Programs

By |Aug 29, 2014|Legislate, US|

Tax Expenditure Caps for High Earners in our Future?

By |Aug 22, 2014|Legislate, US|

JCT Report Highlights Tax Cost of Employee Benefits

By |Aug 15, 2014|Legislate, US|

Medley of Bills Introduced as Congress Departs for August Recess

By |Aug 8, 2014|Legislate, US|

Congress OK’s Smoothing Extension; House Approves ACA Lawsuit

By |Aug 1, 2014|Legislate, US|

Progress on PBGC Plant Closing Changes; Pension Smoothing up Next in Senate

By |Jul 25, 2014|Legislate, US|

Pension Smoothing Extension Passes House

By |Jul 18, 2014|Legislate, US|

Tax-writing panels OK different extensions of pension interest smoothing

By |Jul 11, 2014|Legislate, US|

Forecast for the months ahead

By |Jul 2, 2014|Legislate, US|

Finance Committee proposes RMD changes; MAP-21 paired with UI — again

By |Jun 27, 2014|Legislate, US|

Potpourri: OT, ESOPs, ACA defunding, marketplace subsidies, health transparency, and transportation funding

By |Jun 20, 2014|Legislate, US|

Change to meaning of affordable employer coverage introduced in Senate

By |Jun 13, 2014|Legislate, US|

Poor prospects for recently introduced ACA, bankruptcy, and retiree medical legislation

By |Jun 6, 2014|Legislate, US|

Review of expired tax rules continues; GAO issues report on SS early retirees

By |May 30, 2014|Legislate, US|

Congress examines ACA subsidy errors, women’s issues, and retirement

By |May 23, 2014|Legislate, US|

Senate fails to move forward on tax extenders; Rubio offers retirement recommendations

By |May 16, 2014|Legislate, US|

Congress tackles expiring tax provisions, while revenue offsets may lie ahead

By |May 9, 2014|Legislate, US|

House passes ACA technical fix, while minimum wage hike fails to advance in Senate

By |May 2, 2014|Legislate, US|

Minimum wage and labor law legislation ahead, while tax reform debate continues

By |Apr 25, 2014|Legislate, US|

Congressional Budget Office final baseline for 2014 includes ACA and multiemployer plan projections

By |Apr 17, 2014|Legislate, US|

Uncertain future for MAP-21 extension; expatriate plan fix for ACA and gender pay disparity legislation fail to advance

By |Apr 11, 2014|Legislate, US|

House modifies ACA’s definition of full-time employee; Senate passage of MAP-21 extension likely next week

By |Apr 4, 2014|Legislate, US|

Charity plan funding changes pass Congress, with MAP-21 pension interest smoothing ahead in the Senate

By |Mar 28, 2014|Legislate, US|

Employment tax provisions in Camp tax reform proposal

By |Mar 21, 2014|Legislate, US|

ACA technical changes pass House; Senate unemployment benefits debate may include pension interest rate smoothing

By |Mar 14, 2014|Legislate, US|

President’s FY15 budget unveiled; possible votes ahead on ACA’s FT employee definition and extension of MAP-21

By |Mar 7, 2014|Legislate, US|

Tax reform plan released; Obama FY 2015 budget unveiled in week ahead

By |Feb 28, 2014|Legislate, US|

Tax reform and minimum wage hike likely to take center stage in weeks ahead

By |Feb 21, 2014|Legislate, US|

Federal debt ceiling increased — no Affordable Care Act or MAP-21 changes

By |Feb 14, 2014|Legislate, US|

Senate debates MAP-21 extension, while House panel approves modification to employer responsibility

By |Feb 7, 2014|Legislate, US|

State of the Union includes benefits provisions; debt limit increase ahead

By |Jan 31, 2014|Legislate, US|

Review of Wyden-Coats tax reform plan while Congress in recess

By |Jan 24, 2014|Legislate, US|

Government shutdown avoided

By |Jan 17, 2014|Legislate, US|

A look at the year ahead as Congress returns from its holiday break

By |Jan 10, 2014|Legislate, US|

Multiemployer pension funding legislation possible in 2014

By |Jan 3, 2014|Legislate, US|

Legislative retrospective: Sections 89 and 4980A

By |Dec 24, 2013|Legislate, US|

Congress hikes PBGC premiums as part of budget deal

By |Dec 20, 2013|Legislate, US|

Budget committee chairs propose PBGC premium hike as part of budget deal

By |Dec 11, 2013|Legislate, US|

House continues scrutiny of ACA rollout; budget conference report due next Friday

By |Dec 6, 2013|Legislate, US|

Tax reform and retirement savings

By |Nov 26, 2013|Legislate, US|

House continues ACA scrutiny, while Senate may begin debate on minimum wage hike after Thanksgiving

By |Nov 22, 2013|Legislate, US|

House continues ACA scrutiny and CBO releases options report to budget conferees, while Senate prepares to debate minimum wage hike

By |Nov 15, 2013|Legislate, US|

Senate passes ENDA while focusing on ACA implementation problems

By |Nov 8, 2013|Legislate, US|

House passes delay of DOL fiduciary rule while continuing ACA scrutiny; Senate plans ACA hearings with deliberations to begin soon on ENDA

By |Nov 1, 2013|Legislate, US|

House focuses on ACA technology difficulties; budget conference committee schedules first public meeting

By |Oct 25, 2013|Legislate, US|

Congress ends government shutdown with temporary fix for budget stalemate

By |Oct 17, 2013|Legislate, US|

Discussions underway as Congressional gridlock enters second week

By |Oct 11, 2013|Legislate, US|

Government shut down over ACA, with debt limit deadline looming

By |Oct 1, 2013|Legislate, US|

Affordable Care Act defunding dominates Congressional debate

By |Sep 25, 2013|Legislate, US|

President Obama proposes 2014 fiscal year budget

By |Apr 17, 2013|Legislate, US|

The State of the Union: health, retirement, and other HR issues

By |Feb 14, 2013|Legislate, US|

Congress averts the fiscal cliff with few benefit plan changes

By |Jan 4, 2013|Legislate, US|

Health care, retirement and the fiscal cliff

By |Dec 18, 2012|Legislate, US|

Status quo: Obama and a mixed Congress — little legislation, heavy on regulations

By |Nov 7, 2012|Legislate, US|

Consumer group calls for pension de-risking moratorium

By |Oct 24, 2012|Legislate, US|

Romney versus the ACA: Differences and Similarities

By |Oct 8, 2012|Legislate, US|

Tax and Budget Issues Remain as Congress Prepares to Recess

By |Sep 18, 2012|Legislate, US|

Congress Returns to Unresolved Tax and Budget Issues

By |Sep 10, 2012|Legislate, US|

Republicans Question IRS Determination Regarding Exchange Subsidies

By |Sep 5, 2012|Legislate, US|

GAO Explains Discrepancies in Predictions That Employers Will Drop Coverage

By |Aug 29, 2012|Legislate, US|

CBO Revises Estimate of ACA's Insurance Coverage Provisions After Supreme Court Decision

By |Aug 20, 2012|Legislate, US|

Senator Harkin's Plan To Increase Retirement Savings

By |Aug 13, 2012|Legislate, US|

Questioning HCR Implementation and Misuse of Tax-Preferred Retirement Accounts; More Labor and Employment Legislation; and Tax, Tax, Tax

By |Aug 7, 2012|Legislate, US|

Exploring Women's Retirement Security; Labor and Employment Legislation Front and Center; Temporary Bush-Era Tax Cut Legislation Passes in the Senate

By |Aug 1, 2012|Legislate, US|

More Co-Sponsors on Health Care Reform Law Amendments; Tax Extensions; and Regulatory Freeze

By |Jul 23, 2012|Legislate, US|

Congress Focuses on Health Care; Done with Pensions for Now

By |Jul 16, 2012|Legislate, US|